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It's always better to be at home.

Based on a scene I constructed for Lighting & Rendering II, this short represents a year's worth of progress in digital animation skills from 2020 to 2021. Inspired by my original feelings at the beginning of the pandemic and in quarantine, Home reminds viewers to be mindful of their fears.

Project: Home: Featured Work



Starts with the character going inside their home. Character is stuck inside. Starts off well; using various items, is entertained. Cut transitions between what the character is doing. By the end, he is simply sitting or lying down. It pauses. He notices the window brighten. He goes to look at it. Time slows down. Plane emerges out of white sky/light. Different camera angles of the plane. It flies over the room. The ceiling fractures and he sees more fly overhead. The floor fractures and falls. He falls, stands, looks up to see a world of others fighting. The camera pans over the environment. The sound is overwhelming, in the back you can hear someone saying “home” over and over. Camera returns to his face and the scene jumps to the same angle of him, still in the window. He ‘wakes up’ with a gasp. He calms down and sighs. Black. “It's better to be at Home.” Fade out. End.

Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 12.52.02 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-21 at 12.52.02 AM.png

Color Palette

As the project progressed I realized more color was needed to be used towards the beginning of the story, for the purposes of emphasizing 'real' life outside the charcter's nightmare. Examples being used were that as the sun goes down the light will shift from reds and oranges to blues. Once the dream begins the color grade will shift to black and white, except for a few important models like the plane will stay in their exaggerated color format..


The story adjusted a bit with some input from my fellow students, namely the ending. The original draft was very bleak but the end of the entire street also looking at their own windows, created feelings of trust and sympathy, more than hopleessness.

project3-final-1 copy.png


Originally made for a previous project I had always wanted to return to this style and create a story that allowed such a compelling character to move with their abstract world.

Project: Home: Featured Work
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