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What happens to the things we care about most once they’re forgotten?

Project: Past Time: Featured Work

Plot Synopsis

Project: Past Time: Featured Work


Here you'll find the ideating process that went into making the animated short

Project: Past Time: Featured Work

We open in a dark room with a closed-door on the opposite end. The door opens and a bright light floods in. The camera moves through the doorway to reveal a child’s playroom. Toys and LEGO sets and models line the shelves next to the window and on the table in the center of the room, a new toy is waiting to be opened. The camera watches as the box opens up and the pieces spill out, slowly moving and putting the model together. A figure is created and is put upon one of the shelves. The camera tightens in on our figure, as time passes, and other models are switched in and out of the other shelves. Suddenly a piece is missing on the main model. Then another. And another. Soon the poor model can’t support itself and falls into a sitting flat position on the shelf.  More pieces are taken, and the camera focuses on the foot that hangs over the edge. A single piece falls off. We cut back out and watch as the piece falls down the shelves, bounces off the floor, and into the black abyss under the display shelf. We cut to follow the piece and watch as it sits. Time passes once more like light and dark flip back and forth and dust builds up around the piece. The flashing stops, the piece still sits in its spot when a ruler comes into view and pushes the piece out of frame. We cut back to the figure model, built completely back together, and in its old spot once more. The camera slowly draws back to the doorway as we take in new details about the room. Where brightly colored toys once stood, books and files now take up space. A few pictures line the shelves but mostly filled with books, except for our figure. The small child desk has been changed to an office-style desk, and the camera holds its position in the doorway once more. A faint sparkle is seen coming from the last LEGO in the room, and the scene fades to black and credits begin to roll. The meaning or message behind this piece is that LEGO, while seen as childish, is influential and timeless, both physically and emotionally.



Here you'll find the step by step work that went into making the 3D Motion final project "Past Time"

Project: Past Time: Featured Work
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